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About The Initiative

The Wesselt Initiative is a philanthropy venture created and led by Richard (Rich) Wesselt, who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and strong faith to the organization.

At it’s heart, the Richard Wesselt Initiative forges ahead with the big bold goal of serving and providing for every member of it’s community, through programs designed to strengthen and empower each member. This strategy is designed to ultimately create a never-ending and sustainable circle of giving.

Our core values are focused on, creating strong family bonds, long lasting relationships and doing good for others.

The Richard Wesselt Initiative consists of three main focal points including;

The Leadership Academy
A program designed to nurture young members of our community, helping them to develop strong leadership, business and entrepreneurship skills. Through the development of such skill sets, youth are more prepared and empowered to succeed in future ventures, and ultimately be in a place themselves, to give back to their community.

General Philanthropy
The Wesselt Initiative is committed to lead by example through the financial assistance of various non-profit organizations in our community.

The Kenrick 12
The Kenrick 12 is an initiative designed to help the Bishop Kenrick Highschool community create and foster a strong connection between its alumni.

Through the above mentioned programs, The Richard Wesselt Initiate is rooted in creating strong community ties and working within our community to not only give back, but to empower each member to contribute.

It is Rich Wesselt’s lifelong mission to assist as many as possible though this initiative and the programs that if offers. He hopes that one day, this initiative will leave a lasting legacy of strength and community for his children, Logan and Carson to continue.

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Richard Wesselt

Born and raised near Norristown, PA, Rich graduated from Bishop Kenrick High School, where he excelled as a quarterback. He went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he also was the quarterback and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the prestigious Wharton School.

Rich and his wife Amy reside in Skippack, PA and have two sons, Logan, who is 17 years old and Carson, age 14.

Rich is a very active member of his community. He coaches both football and basketball, is a proud member of Holy Savior parish.

The 12 Steps to uncommon Success

Leadership Academy

The Richard M Wesselt Leadership Academy is a program designed to teach the 12 steps of uncommon success to members of our community aged 15-30, who are looking to learn and truly understand the building blocks to success.   This 20 seat program, which takes place in Collegeville, PA is taught by founder Richard Wesselt, and features a rotating list of leaders in our community, who offer encouragement and opportunities to participants.

In this Program, Students Will Learn:

  • Spiritual Importance
  • Work Ethic
  • Ideal Schedule
  • Results Based Economic Future
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Communication Skills
  • Cordial Upbeat Disposition
  • Sequential Thinking
  • The Will To Prepare To Win
  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Disciplined Desire To Give Back
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As a devout catholic, Rich brings a strong faith-based foundation to his philanthropic work,  helping people of all faiths and religions, who are in need of assistance.  Personally, Rich has donated more than one million dollars to various organizations and hopes to surpass that as part of The Richard Wesselt Initiative.    Currently, we work to help raise funds for various schools and alumni including; St Francis of Assisi, Bishop Kenrick High School Alumni, Holy Saviour Church in Norristown and the Phoenixville Women’s Outreach.  The Wesselt Initiative is always on the lookout for more opportunities to support and enhance the community through philanthropic ventures, so if you would like to work with us, feel free to reach out.

The Kenrick 12

The Kenrick 12 is an initiative designed to help the Bishop Kenrick High School community create and foster a strong connection between its alumni.  The Kenrick 12 began as twelve best friends, who met in high school in 1981, when they played together on an undefeated team.  After high school the friends remained close and in 2015 after a dear friend, David Friday passed away The Kenrick 12 was founded, before losing another brother in 2022, Dave Stagliano.  The Kenrick 12 holds an annual fundraiser in their names to raise money for deserving students.  Since it’s inception in 2015,  The Kenrick 12 has grown into “All Kenrick”, which encompasses all Kenrick Alumni and their children.  Rich credits much of his success to the relationships and lessons and friendships while walking the halls of Bishop Kenrick and hopes to instill some of those lessons into his community through The Wesselt Initiative.

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